About Us

Our small business website design service is our key offering, and we are very good at it.

Our website services are shaped and focused primarily on small business, trades, and community organisations. Our key advantage is we combine knowledge of IT and web technologies, as well as business marketing – and provide a complete service. We know and love Sydney, Australia.

We provide a one-on-one service between you (the business owner) and us at Western Sydney Websites as your website service. You deal direct with the person creating and managing your site.
We offer more than just a few webpages and a logo. We provide a service, that begins with setup and design, then continues with maintenance and updates to your web presence. We utilise premium website templates to get the best looking and functioning site we can. We can also optionally host your site, and provide domain names, plus as other website services.
Western Sydney Websites know how important it is for a small business to stand out from the crowd. We also know that tradespeople and small business operators do not have the time or resources to build and manage a professional web presence. We analyse your competitors websites so you are not just another Joe Blogg.
We have a range of tools and partnerships at our disposal to deliver an excellent web presence. We don’t just offer to code up some pages, we link together a range of resources to really deliver more to our customers. This includes utilising social media (even if you don’t), graphics, logo design, SEO, and even aerial drone photography as part of our custom offerings. We also offer informal marketing advice if required in relation to getting the correct message across to your customers.
Our entire process is simple and professional. We make sure that we spend the time so you don’t have to.
We are NOT a “fire-and-forget” website service. There are companies that consider themselves our rivals who will simply populate several pages in a content template and then hand over the logins for the client to manage. Although Western Sydney Websites can offer a CMS website, we re-craft all the website templates, can host them and manage it going forward to ensure that it works for you. Why pay for a website service that gets handed back to you? You have a business to run!